Our Elvis Presley Fan Club needs a major upgrade to satisfy both long-standing members and those who expect a more interactive Elvis experience. It is to that end that fan club president Todd Slaughter has been casting a net over the past year to identify new custodians for the most respected fan driven organization in the world. “With £40,000 worth of stock £20,000 invested in equipment, and goodness knows how you value the mailing list, infrastructure and the club brand, the operation has a value”, adds Todd, “and it was hoped that an auction would bring forth the talent who were willing to invest in our future. Having had discussions with dozens of would-be bidders, and those interested in taking control of the business end of the fan club, no one fitted our stringent criteria. Even those who did meet our requirements became disinterested when realizing the workload, and like me, they would not receive any salary. Elvis fans and his legacy are too precious to end up in the wrong hands!”
Todd will remain honorary president along with Tony and Sir Tim, but the club needs to identify willing hands to help the club prosper and upgrade. We are seeking volunteers to upscale our on-line activities (social media, web site), writers, Elvis historians, and advertising sales and sponsorship consultants. Todd has worked hard successfully embracing radio and TV broadcasting organizations for 2022 and thereafter, and our travel partners Yesterday Once More have an exciting programme of Elvis related events and holidays planned.
Todd concludes, “Since announcing these plans the keyboard warriors have been having a field day, though as you know I never respond to their defamatory allegations. The most confrontational comments have come from those who have never been members and know nothing about the club, yet their profiles sadly reveal orchestrated sources. That said, I can stand the heat and although my obituary has been published three times on social media in past years, I am still alive! I am so fortunate that next month I celebrate the 27th anniversary of my heart transplant. In spite of recent health setbacks, especially the still present after effects of pneumonia and pleurisy contracted last October, my fabulous Papworth clinicians are determined to get me into the Guinness Book of Records. I may be experiencing some heart failure, but my heart is still beating strong for you, for Elvis, and for his legacy.”
Todd Slaughter thanks you for your patience whilst we sort our future expansion programme, and if you have not seen him online for a couple of weeks the silly old sod is suffering from gout in his fingers. Not surprisingly his mouth still works, and you can catch him on Radio Caroline Flashback every Thursday at 8.00pm.