A Thank You To You All – 2018 Summary


What a super sensational terrific year this has been for Elvis and his official fan club members. Yes, you guys have made everything possible for 2018 to be such a success, and that success is so important for the future of our club and the continuation of Elvis’ legacy.

As you know the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain opened way back in 1957. Established by Jeanne Saward and Dug Surtees from an address in London the club flourished and soon had 1,000 members. In 1960, Derbyshire printer Albert Hand produced a couple of Elvis magazines, which were so popular that he was encouraged to publish a periodic title – Elvis Monthly, which regularly sold 100,000 copies, and there was even a French language edition Elvis Mensuel.

Marie du Bois de Vroylande produced the French language edition from her apartment in Brussels. As the food editor of the lady’s magazine Femmes d’Aujourd’hui she was a prolific writer and journalist. At its height Femmes d’Aujourd’hui sold over a million copies in France and 200,000 in the French speaking part of Belgium, so Marie du Bois was something of a celebrity, and yet a dedicated Elvis fan. However, not many people knew about her past. During WWII she was active with the Belgian resistance, hiding Jewish refugees in her attic and was also part of “life-line” which helped “downed” British airmen evade capture by the Nazis and returned them back to England to re-join the war effort – quite a woman.

In 1962 the fan club was handed over to Albert by Jeanne & Dug, and in 1967 Albert Hand sold the Elvis Presley Fan Club to Todd Slaughter. Although Todd retains his position as honorary president the management of the fan club is now under the day to day control of Vicky Molloy and has a young enthusiastic staff.

The strength of any artists’ continued success rests entirely in the hand of his or her supporters, and Elvis’ British fan club members have galvanised their loyal devotion enabling Elvis’ legacy to blossom and multiply. The word “broadcasting” is generally understood to be the transmission of radio and television signals to the population of any country and beyond. The original meaning of “broadcasting” is a farming term relating to the wide scattering of seeds onto fertile soil to enable the land to bear a harvest to feed the population. So, we should all consider ourselves to be broadcasters attempting to broaden interest in Elvis’ musical career, and to that end there is an appeal in the centre of this our Christmas magazine to encourage new and lapsed fans to join this remarkable fan organisation. We hope that you will give it your support, and in return we are donating a proportion of subscription revenue to Parkinson’s UK, as a tribute to our good friend broadcaster Kid Jensen who revealed earlier this year that he has been suffering in secret for the past five year with this debilitating disease. See what you can do this Yuletide to strengthen our numbers and at the same time raise some money in the name of our Elvis Fan Club to find a cure for this debilitating condition


Thank you all for being a part of what we do and from all of us at the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club we hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!