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OEPFC Worldwide ETA Hall Of Fame 2020

  • 27th November 2020 - 30th November 2020
  • Holiday Resort Unity, Brean Sands, Somerset
Elvis Presley Fan Club, PO Box 3456, Cheadle, Staffordshire. Phone: 0844 800 6881
In November 1970 the world’s most famous fan club premiered Elvis’ first live appearance film Elvis That’s
The Way It Is in London. The movie, which chronicled rehearsals in Hollywood and the opening shows of
Elvis’ third Las Vegas season at the International Hotel, provided a behind-the-scenes look at Elvis Presley
at work and at play. It also featured this fan club’s international convention with members from all over
Europe converging on the Theatre Nouveau in Luxembourg City, hosted by fan club president Todd
Slaughter and Radio Luxembourg programme director and honorary fan club president Tony Prince.
To celebrate the 50tanniversary of this stellar motion picture, our fan club, for the first time in twenty years,
is staging an Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, and taking over a holiday camp in Somerset., We are going to find
the best ETA during our three day event commencing 27tNovember 2020. (In 2001 the club partnered with
GMTV to find Britain’s Best Elvis, and since then dozens of similar competitions have taken place all over
Europe and the USA.)
Joint fan club president, Andy Page, is producing the show, which stars three award-winning world class
ETA performers: Bill Cherry (USA), Doug Church (USA) and Gordon Hendricks (UK). The club is
planning to audition 25 Elvis tribute performers to compete for the Presidents’ King title. The winner will
enjoy major publicity and a guaranteed future as an Elvis related entertainer. One million tickets are
purchased in the UK every year to see an Elvis Tribute show.
“First and foremost, I have been an Elvis fan for as long as I can remember, but being involved in the world
of ETA’s for the last 10 years, has made me realise that there is a whole Elvis subculture that goes
unnoticed to the layman”, states Andy Page. “It is a phenomenon that still baffles the casual onlooker, but
commands huge audiences worldwide. The ETA’s and their audience’s dedication to Elvis is without
question. A love of all things Elvis lies at the heart of these events, and I would ask that you come along to
our official event and see for yourselves just how good these ETA’s really are. They will never be Elvis, but
the illusion they create is a crucial element in keeping Elvis Presley’s legacy well and truly alive.”
Three of the world’s premier ETA judges will analyse the contestants’ craft. Patsy Anderson-Presley was
instrumental in the opening of Graceland to the general public acting as a fan relations officer and artefact
custodian. Geri White was a friend of Elvis and a researcher. Colin Paul is an Elvis expert, entertainer,
singing coach and actor.
Those wishing to enter the competition should in the first instance register by emailing our contest
coordinator Katrina Grindey: email address:
Joint Fan Club President and event producer: Andy Page;
Joint Fan Club President and editorial services Todd Slaughter;
Event bookings: Phone: 01934 733958.
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