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Elvis Presley Fan Club, PO Box 3456, Cheadle, ST10 9BG, UK

The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain opened way back in 1957. Established by Jeanne Saward and Dug Surtees from an address in London the club flourished and soon had 1,000 members. In 1960, Derbyshire printer Albert Hand produced a couple of Elvis magazines, which were so popular that he was encouraged to publish a periodic title – Elvis Monthly, which regularly sold 100,000 copies, and there was even a French language edition Elvis Mensuel.

In 1962 the fan club was handed over to Albert by Jeanne & Dug, and in 1967 Albert Hand sold the Elvis Presley Fan Club to Todd Slaughter. Although Todd retains his position as president in an honorary capacity the management of the fan club is now under the day to day control of Vicky Molloy and has a young enthusiastic staff.

As we enter our 7th decade, isn’t it about time you became involved? All members receive six full colour magazines each year, a membership card, plus details throughout the year of our various activities, from local social events through to national and international conventions. You can subscribe on line now by clicking on: http://shop.elvispresleyfanclub.co.uk/fanclub.html

We host conventions and holidays here in the British Isles and throughout Europe, and let’s not forget our tours to the United States which began back in 1972 initially to see Elvis in concert. Today our USA visits start in Memphis and Elvis Presley’s Graceland plus can often include extended trips to Florida, Los Angeles, Arizona, Las Vegas, New York and Hawaii.

To subscribe to our magazine and become of member of the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club you can pay on line now by going to; https://shop.elvispresleyfanclub.co.uk/fanclub.html

Alternatively you can call 0844 800 6881 and pay with your debit / credit card, or post your subscription payment of £18.00 (UK); £20 (Europe) £25.00 (North America); or £30.00 (Rest of the world) to: Elvis Presley Fan Club, PO Box 3456, Cheadle, ST10 9BG, United Kingdom.

Todd Slaughter’s ELVIS HOUR can be heard on Radio Caroline at 6.00pm each Tuesday, and 8.pm every Thursday on Caroline Flashback.