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Elvis Hour You can listen to Todd Slaughter's Elvis Hour every Tuesday at 5.00pm on Digital (Sky Selftune), and on Freesat, or by going on line Click on to the Radio Caroline link and learn how you can help Radio Caroline back onto the Medium Wave (AM) frequency

The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club has had a long relationship with Britain's most notorious pirate radio station. When launched in 1964 Elvis fans besieged the radio station with request for Elvis tracks. DJs such as Tony Blackburn, Tom Lodge, Tommy Vance, Emperor Rosko (his father Joe Pasternak produced two of Elvis' movies for MGM, Spinout and Girl Happy), and our own honorary president Tony Prince played non-stop Elvis on the boat that really rocked, or should I say boats because in the 60s there was a southern ship anchored off the coast of Frinton, and a northern vessel broadcasting from Ramsey Bay off the Isle of Man.

The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club has for the past four years produced a weekly Elvis show (17.00hrs UK time) on the station,, and on Sky Selftune in addition to Freesat. There is now a parliamentary campaign to get Caroline back on Medium Wave. We hope that you will support this motion, because "Fairs Fair, put Caroline back on the air!" Go to